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Universal Industrial Database v1.3

Using standard SQL servers as a long-term storage for technical real-time data is problematic for a number of reasons, and namely:

Therefore, industrial automation systems require a particular approach for storing large volumes of archived technological data.

"Universal Industrial Database" is a high-performance real-time database designed to be used in industrial automation systems. It was created in compliance with the rigid requirements for the products of this type and provides the customer with the following main advantages:

UNIDB allows to efficiently read data from an arbitrary number of OPC Data Access servers and save them to OPC Historical Data Access or OPC Data Access servers.
To optimize data saving, you can specify the set value, boundaries and aperture for every parameter that is being archived. Using UNIDB HDAServer, you can send the data to MS SQL, Firebird or Interbase DBMS. It can be used as part of any SCADA system supporting OPC HDA for efficient archive storage in MS SQL, Firebird or Interbase DBMS.


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